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Being a church calls us to engage with one another outside of Sunday mornings as we strive to grow in faith together and involve ourselves with what God is up to in our world.

Join a Ministry Team

We believe each one of us is gifted, and each of us is an asset to this community. One way to get involved and use your gifts is by joining a ministry team. A team based approach means no one person needs to carry it all.

We currently have the following ministry teams: KidsQuest, Youth, Journey, Missions, Hospitality, Welcome, Music/Worship, Benevolence, and Tech/AV.

To find out more or to get involved, send Sue a note at

Our benevolence team serves as stewards of our benevolence funds. This team meets (in person or online) when needs arise that request financial support. There is no regular schedule for this team as requests are reviewed when they are received.

Benevolence Team

Required Assistance – Urgent need for two additional members.

Our hospitality team helps facilitate warm conversations around our discussion tables in the gym as people enjoy the treats and drinks that are set out. Members of our team set up our coffee and treats on Sunday morning and ensure the gym is tidy when we leave. This team consists of three roles: Set Up, Clean Up and Baking. This team is often called on to assist with special events such as potlucks and picnics.

Hospitality Team

Required Assistance – Urgent need for 4 people but the more people the lighter the work

Our Journey Team is a group of people from Elevation who are engaged in walking with refugees and supporting organizations that do the same. Our Journey Team is looking for an individual or two to join the small team of people who facilitate our scholarship program. The time commitment is relatively low, but requires some administrative work a few times a year. 

Journey Team

Required Assistance – One or two individuals to join the small team of people who facilitate our scholarship program. Please reach out to Courtney Janssen-Grieve ( for more information. 

Our Missions Team is currently looking for individuals or families who may be interested in helping to provide organization and guidance for some of our Service and Learning Sunday opportunities. These may be on site at 22 Willow, or off site, depending on interest and capacity. If you are passionate about helping create spaces for our community to both serve and learn together, please reach out to Mel Martin.

Missions Team

Required Assistance – Individuals or families to help provide organization and guidance. Please reach out to Mel Martin (

Our KidsQuest volunteers help our children learn about God and the world around them on Sunday mornings. Our kids absolutely love engaging with our leaders which helps anchor them to our church and the knowledge that our community cares for them. We are in need of Lead Teachers who help guide our kids through the lesson as well as helpers to assist with supervision, crafts and other needs that arise.


Required Assistance – Urgent need for 10 additional volunteers but there is room for anyone who wants to participate

Our music team helps focus our time together on God and helps create an atmosphere of reflection and adoration. Our talented musicians rotate on a schedule. This is a great opportunity for any musicians to make a huge impact for our community.

Music Team

Required Assistance – All musicians and vocalists are welcome to reach out to explore joining this team! 

Our Prayer Team meets weekly either online or in person to gather together in prayer. We typically begin by discussing and praying for the needs of the community, as well as the themes that may be resonating as we also spend time listening in prayer. This time of prayer happens both in-person as well as online at different times, depending on the week of the month. Even if you are not able to join us weekly, we’d love to have you join when you are able. 

Prayer Team

Required Assistance – Individuals or families to help provide organization and guidance. If you have any questions or would like to pass along a prayer request to the team, please contact Patricia Layng (

We are looking to re-launch our teaching team. This team will meet monthly to discern and plan upcoming teaching for Sunday gatherings at Elevation. You do not have to have teaching / preaching experience in order to be part of this team, and we would value having voices on this team that have no intention of teaching (as these voices can provide a helpful perspective). We will also look to provide teaching resources and support for those who would appreciate leaning in and learning more about teaching and preaching.

Teaching Team

Required Assistance – Looking to develop a team of 4-6 people along with our Pastoral Team.

Our tech team helps keep our service sound and visuals running smoothly and keeps our congregation informed and engaged. This team consists of both sound and visual team members. You don’t have to have previous experience to be an asset to this team.

Tech Team

Required Assistance – Need for 4 people to help run our visuals and sound

Our welcome team members greet congregants as they are entering the sanctuary and assist with any needs that arise. This team plays a vital role in helping people feel they are welcomed and informed. Occasionally the welcome team hands out programs and/or assists with the setup of the sanctuary. The welcome team is a great way to get your whole family involved on a Sunday morning. 

Welcome Team

Required Assistance – 4 people

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