Indigenous Allyship

June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day and we would like to share some resources as we continue a conversation about what it means to be allies to our indigenous friends and family.


In 2015 the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released a call to action to redress the legacy of residential schools and advance the process of Canadian reconciliation. The publication of these 94 calls to action can be found here. Although all of these calls to action are incredibly important, some of the most applicable for our context are in the section titled “Church apologies and Reconciliation” (58-61).

A website has been formed to monitor the progress of the journey towards reconciliation, based on these 94 calls to action. You can follow along in this journey here.


There are several events going on around the region to acknowledge and celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day on Friday June 21st. The Waterloo Indigenous Student Centre is hosting an event at St. Paul’s University College and all are welcome to attend! The facebook event can be found here.

Our Elevation community would like to continue to open up the conversation around this topic. We welcome your input and experience, and intend to provide an opportunity to gather again to continue further engagement in the near future.