Elevation This Week


The Program

Here’s a copy of the current week’s program 14.07.2019

The Sermon

You can listen to the current week’s sermon in iTunes here.

(For non-podcast users, you can listen directly here.)

The Discussion Questions

At Elevation, the conversation does not end with the sermon.  We gather around tables and continue the morning’s theme around a series of discussion questions.  Click here for this week’s questions.

The Finances

Last week’s offering:  (June 23) $6,166.00

Weekly Offering Budget: $7,692.00

Year to Date Deficit: $44,543.00 (Please consider helping us get back on track!)

Giving Update! Click here to discover the new Church Center app and online giving portal.


We’re re-launching our Instagram account, so if you notice people snapping photos around Elevation, don’t jump out of the way!And if you have a great photo from a recent Elevation event, feel free to send it our way.info@elevationwaterloo.org

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The Elevation Waterloo Community group is a closed group on facebook designed to be a place for conversation and support for members of our community.  Have a question?  Need to get rid of an old couch?  Need help moving?  Request to join and post it there.

Elevation Eats 

Elevation Eats is finished for the season.  We will be starting up again in the fall. Special thanks to Heidi for organizing, and to all those who hosted and took part this year!  Plan to stay for a casual picnic after the service on August 4.  Drinks provided.  Bring dishes and lawn chairs.

Border Conversations
Christin Taylor recently shared about her experience at the US/Mexico border and we have gathered some related resources here for further learning.