Elevation This Week


The Program

Here’s a copy of the current week’s program 06.10.2019

The Sermon

You can listen to the current week’s sermon here.

The Discussion Questions

At Elevation, the conversation does not end with the sermon.  We gather around tables and continue the morning’s theme around a series of discussion questions.  Click here for this week’s questions.

The Finances

Last week’s offering:  (October 6) $6,910.00

Weekly Offering Budget: $7,692.00

Year to Date Deficit: $63,273.00 (Please consider helping us get back on track!)

New to Elevation? Use this form to introduce yourself and we’ll be in touch soon!

Ride for Refuge THANKS! to everyone who walked, rode or donated!  Elevation Elevators team raised $20,412.63 in support of refugee initiatives!

Faith Tech Hackathon Building innovative tech solutions to local and global problems.  October 25, 7pm, October 26th at noon.  At Communitech, Kitchener. www.faithtech.com

Future of Africa Hear from our partners TK and Nikki about Future of Africa at The Neighbourhood Hub, 465 Philip St. Waterloo,  Sunday, October 27th at 3:00. futureofafrica.org

Meeple at the Steeple Board games, Saturday, October 19, 2pm – 11pm, beginning in the Parlor then moving to the gym. mrgingerich@gmail.com for info.

New-ish Lunch, Sunday, November 10, following the service. rsvp info@elevationwaterloo.org

Giving Update
When a church goes through a season of loss like we did in 2018, it takes time to recover and make up for lost ground financially. With this in mind, we want to acknowledge that we got off to a sluggish start with our giving in 2019 and as a result find ourselves quite a bit behind where we budgeted to be.
The most recent number, as of the end of August, is a YTD deficit of $55,693.
The positive news is that our giving is trending upwards, and a larger portion of this deficit originated early in the year. Our spending for the year will likely come in under budget (for example, due to Susan stepping in to lead Children’s Ministry as a volunteer) which will offset some of the shortfall, but we still need to work at narrowing the gap.
Now that we’re into the fall term, we’re hoping to see some ‘catch-up’ giving from the summer months and also expect that those who are putting down roots in our community will start to get on board financially. Please consider how you can be a part of helping move things in a positive direction for the rest of 2019.
You can click here to discover the new Church Center app and online giving portal and to learn about other giving methods. Thank you to everyone who makes it a priority to contribute financially to the work of Elevation!

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Facebook  The Elevation Waterloo Community group is a closed group on facebook designed to be a place for conversation and support for members of our community. Have a question? Need to get rid of an old couch? Need help moving? Request to join and post it there.

Kidsquest is looking for three helpers, one each for SK/grade 1, grade 2/3 and grade 4/5.  Time commitment is once a month, helping only, no teaching required.  Contact Susan Fish at children@elevationwaterloo.org

One Book, One Community
As an Elevation Community, we are encouraging one another to read the book “Slow Kingdom Coming” by Kent Annan this fall.  If you’d like to order a copy of the book ($10 if you order through Elevation), you can sign up to order at the welcome table. 
We will also be running a five week study and discussion of the book on Monday evenings at 7pm, starting on October 21st.  You can register for this study at the welcome table or you can hop on the Church Center App to register there, as well as pay online for the book if you wish. 

Denomination/Network Search Update

In December 2018, after Brandon resigned his pastoral credentials with the PAOC, Elevation’s membership voted to disaffiliate from the PAOC, at which time the SC began a search for a new denominational ‘family’ for Elevation. 

Eight people expressed interest in being part of a search team, and this group got together in the spring and identified two primary needs: credentials for our pastors and a larger body that we could belong to. The group also identified two primary models: denominations and networks. Time was spent researching which denominations might be a good fit, including meeting with local representatives from the most promising groups. At the end of the day, the group felt like we would be squeezing in somewhere we didn’t truly belong if we affiliated with a new denomination, so a different path was chosen.

The group’s recommendation, affirmed by the SC in August, was three-fold:

  1. Track with an upstart network called Jesus Collective over the next year
  2. Apply to the provincial government to be a Religious Body (which allows for the credentialing of our own pastors)
  3. Continue to check in with denominations down the road.

If you have any questions about the process or the path forward, please reach out to Sue Winter or Brandon Malo.