Elevation This Week

Here’s a copy of the current week’s program 20.01.2019

You can listen to the current week’s sermon here.

Our podcast, ‘The Other Six Days,’ where we host bi-weekly interviews with our church family, can be found here – or you can subscribe at your favourite place to hear podcasts.

Elevation Eats – next Sunday (January 27th) following the service, grab a ticket in the gym and enjoy lunch in the home of a member of our community.  It’s a great way to connect!

Steering Committee Meeting – Monday, January 21st.  Please pray as the Steering Committee meets to discuss the 2019 budget.

Scripture Studies – Each month Elevation offers a time to gather together for discussion around a different book in the Good Book, and include thought-provoking questions, fun activities, and chances to learn more about effective ways to engage Scripture in your own life.  Register for February’s study on the book of Revelation with Darren Conley.  Wednesdays, 7-9pm.  Register on the homepage at www.elevationwaterloo.org