The Birds

Restless to breathe

Hungry to wander

Tied to home, stuck on repeat.

Drawn to the forest-

craving its space, seeking its peace.

It has been too long- I go.

Eager to walk through the heaviness

Push through the trees to the other side of anxiety.

Met with the path a sheet of ice.

I resign to disappointment.

Determined- I take a foot path.

Soon, too, a slick of ice, I stop in the sun.

Light peeking through the forest.

An impulse to press on- restlessness LOUD.

But rooted here a moment,

I’m still.

Sun warm against a waking forest,

anticipation of a spring not yet arrived.

An embrace of quiet calm

wraps around my restlessness-

I could have loudly pushed ahead

but if not for the stillness

(no rush, no distance, no push)

I’d not have heard

the birds.

About the author: Susan Cochrane is a member of the Elevation community who has attended Elevation since her university days.