Psalm 90 on New Year’s Day


By Doug Martin


She sits on my lap

Confident and happy in our shared warmth,

Enjoying our shared work.

She is not yet two.

She does not understand the picture we are forming. 

She is not able to distinguish the pieces.

The puzzle belongs to her older brother.

I lay pieces next to each other.

She manipulates them with pudgy hand,

Understanding only one simple match.

She turns a piece before connecting it.

I correct her.

She is enjoying the warmth and the work

As I do also.


Lord, you have been the lap for each new generation.

We sit for a brief while

 Enjoying your presence,

Experiencing your correction,

Struggling with the piece before us,

Trusting the big picture to your control and goodness.

Our life is not merely watching you.

Our life is not solving puzzles beyond our comprehension.

Our life is with you,

Enjoying the warmth and the work.

Lord, be forming the puzzle of your work

Even as you set in order the pieces of ours.