Opportunities to Support

We are hearing (and seeing) so many creative ways that people in our community are reaching out during this challenging time. If you are looking for other ways to reach out, or to support those individuals and organizations who are supporting some of the most marginalized in our community, here are just a few other opportunities. 

The Food Bank of Waterloo Region

The Community Food Assistance Network is a system of 100+ community programs and agency partners providing food and connection to vital supports needed by many individuals and families in Waterloo Region.

When COVID-19 hit our region back in March, many of the community programs supporting those living with food insecurity had to shift significantly. The Food Bank became the centralized point of contact and distribution for many of the services connected to the Community Food Assistance Network. 

You can find more information about the ways that the Food Bank is supporting our community on their website, as well as contribute financially to this important network here

Adventure 4 Change

If you aren’t familiar with Adventure 4 Change – check them out here!

The team at Adventure 4 Change is continuing to provide a space for support and connection in their Neighbourhood. 

Would you like to get more deeply involved in serving some of the most vulnerable in our city? The most pressing needs at the moment are:

  1. To recruit tutors to help the youth of our community as they navigate this very unprecedented school year
  2. To acquire partners to invest financially in our mission (https://adventure4change.org/donate/)

To get involved, to donate, or to learn more about what’s happening in North Waterloo, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d love to show you around! 

info@adventure4change.org or 519-884-1839

Nutrition for Learning Waterloo Region

Nutrition for learning continues to provide food for many of the breakfast and food programs around the schools of Waterloo Region. They are currently running 149 programs across the Waterloo region. For some children, this has been one of their primary sources of nutritious food. Although some of the breakfast programs are looking different this year, Nutrition for Learning is continuing to prioritize their goal of making nutritious food accessible for all students across the region. If you’d like to get involved, there are two ways you can do that:

1. Volunteer to help pack the snack bags that they deliver to the schools. Find out more information here: https://www.nutritionforlearning.ca/get_involved/

2. Give financially towards the purchase and distribution of the food being provided to students. You can donate here: https://www.nutritionforlearning.ca/donations/

S.H.O.W. (Supportive Housing of Waterloo)

Thanks to our S.H.O.W. team, who are continuing to support the tenants there with contact and care, even without being there in person!  If you’d like to help provide snacks and/or baking for the team to deliver you can contact helen.kroeker@elevationwaterloo.org 


Let’s be praying especially for those in our community who are particularly vulnerable to feelings of anxiety, isolation and loneliness during this time. And in whatever ways we can, let’s continue to reach out. A phone call, an email/message, a wave through the window as you walk by, signs on your windows, dropping off groceries – these simple acts are so very powerful right now!  

And let’s also be praying for our missions partners, navigating this crisis in other parts of the world. Sending notes of encouragement to these partners would also be a great way to support them at this time. For more details on these partners, please visit our missions page on the website:


This list is far from exhaustive, but may give us a place to start if we are struggling with knowing where to begin to reach out. Please continue to share your ideas and your needs with your neighbours groups. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact melissa.burke@elevationwaterloo.org