Future of Africa Update – November 2019

(A note from TK Azaglo)

Dear friends,

I’m on my flight to Accra feeling thankful for my interactions with you over the past weeks and your support for our work at Future of Africa. The adventure continues in 17 hours – I’ll arrive in Accra to reunite with our university students and children on the streets for our weekly street outreach.

As our ministry grows I am embracing the humbling truth that this is beyond the cool work Nikki and TK are doing. This work is bigger than us. This is what God is doing and we have chosen to listen and join Him on this mission.

When I found out 4 years ago that I was adopted, I felt a lot of things; betrayal, anger, confusion but the strongest feeling that remained was love. I was overwhelmed by thoughts of my adopted father and mother loving me in many ways. They stepped into my life and gave me so many opportunities that opened up my world. Our outreach to street children became more meaningful and sacred to me. I felt God using my own story to affirm His calling for this ministry, to love and create opportunities. Today I engage our adventures with street children to experience God’s presence and His deep love for children with similar stories to mine; born out of rape and will never meet their biological fathers.

I see God doing something different in Ghana and you have become a part of it. I see Him advocating for the children we work with and bringing other believers to join this ministry. I see him stirring the hearts of university students to be bold and question the deceit our political leaders and many pastors spread that makes us justify the blind eye we turn to the sufferings of the hungry, sick and exploited in our communities.

Our leaders have failed Africa’s future. They only think about themselves and their families, stealing from the nation, blowing hot air to inflate their egos and satisfying their greed. Many pastors are taking us down a highway of spiritual bankruptcy. They manipulate God’s word to control the poor, ignorant and weak. They don’t want us to know God for ourselves. They don’t want us to experience the joy of having a relationship with God. They play God and compete with their godly peers for big buildings, cars and prime billboard spaces to remain relevant, powerful and rich. They leave the poor misled, broken and weak but a fresh sun of hope is rising through our work.

Your support for our work is not a transaction of sob stories for money. I see you as a partner with a heart for planting and nurturing God’s love in the hearts of young people in Africa. You are supporting local ownership of change. I want to invite you today to engage us beyond the monies you give and the stories we tell. I want to encourage you to pray with us for courage to stand strong when our realities get tough! I want to invite you to sacrifice what God has given – time, knowledge and finances to discern and grow this ministry with us. When our young people are free to reach their full potential and live God’s purpose for their lives, I want you to celebrate with us.

May I also invite you to continue serving in your local communities? This is how we stay grounded in making our communities better.

I am returning to Ghana feeling very encouraged by your support to continue this work, trusting God to open new doors and shut others for his will to be done in our work and lives. Thank you for joining us in this ministry. I look forward to staying in touch with you.

Best regards,