Do Good

All things

work together

for good

They say when

burdens fall

and strife piles up

Tell that to Job

Remind him

his tears

are good

after he has suffered

the loss of his children

Do not tell me

how he was given back

double what was taken

As if the hole

in a heart

left by a child

can be filled with

two others

Do not placate me

with promises

of an easy future

when right now

is punishing

Instead tell me

you will do good

you will share freely

you will seek justice

you will love mercy

Only then

will I know

you have an inkling of

how much work

good truly is

An understanding

of how sorrow

is not soothed

by the promise

of a happy ending

That solace is only glimpsed

in the bravery

it takes to remain

with those who suffer

That we must be

the ones

to put in the work and

Do Good

Look for this and other poems by Rachel Freeman in her upcoming book Poet in the Wilderness, to be published in upcoming months or, for updates on her journey, follow her on Instagram @Poet_in_the_Wilderness