Members Meeting – December 16, 2018


Elevation members are encouraged to attend a special meeting on Sunday December 16 in the Sanctuary during the discussion time. A vote regarding our affiliation with PAOC will take place, along with a vote on amendments to our By-Laws.

Non-members are also welcome to attend.

For more information, the content of a letter sent by Brandon to Elevation members on November 28, 2018 has been pasted below. Please do not post or refer to the contents of this page in any public forum. Thank you.



November 28, 2018

To the Membership of Elevation,

The morning after my June 24 sermon on the intersection of same-sex attraction and Christian faith, I received an email from an executive member of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) requesting that I share the details of what I said in my sermon about this theme. Evidently, word had traveled fast. I provided him with a summary similar to the one that can currently be found on our website here.

A few days later, I received a response indicating that what I shared on June 24 about our willingness to call this a disputable matter was “a significant change from PAOC stated values” that would “have significant impact in the fellowship as a whole.” A request was made to broaden the conversation to include other members of the executive team as well as leadership of the Western Ontario District (WOD), with whom I hold credentials.

As a result of conflicting holiday schedules, not much happened over the summer months, but on September 12, Phil Thompson, a member of our Steering Committee, joined me for a meeting with the General Superintendent of the PAOC and the WOD Superintendent to discuss the situation. The conversation was respectful and they expressed an understanding of the complexity of this issue for churches today, however they also made it clear that my leadership of our church was no longer in alignment with PAOC stated values, evidenced by our openness to the inclusion of people in same-sex relationships in active ministry/leadership with Elevation. We were encouraged to change the direction we were heading as a congregation and were informed that, if we were not prepared to do so, they would ask me to resign my credentials and to initiate a request that Elevation be disaffiliated. To that end, I sent a letter this morning formally resigning my credentials.

Since that time, our Steering Committee has been seeking clarity about the implications of this with respect to my credentials as an Ordained Minister and our desire that Elevation be part of a larger body of believers. We have been reviewing our By-Laws as there are some guidelines regarding disaffiliation that are different from what the WOD/PAOC require. Recently, we have come to an agreement with WOD that we will hold a members’ meeting to vote on disaffiliation. We will hold this meeting in the Sanctuary during the discussion time on Sunday, December 16, 2018. More information will be provided at that time and there will be an opportunity for questions. This meeting will also be open to non-members who are interested, though they will not be given an opportunity to vote on the formal motion, which reads as follows:

At the request of the Western Ontario District (WOD) of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), our pastor, Brandon Malo, has resigned his ministerial credentials as an acknowledgment that his leadership of our church with respect to the inclusion of people in same-sex relationships in active ministry/leadership with Elevation is no longer in alignment with PAOC stated values. As the membership of Elevation Church, we support this resignation of credentials and further ask that WOD accept our request for disaffiliation. We do this in a spirit of grace, knowing that while we may not be aligned on this issue, we will continue to work in our own ways for the good of God’s kingdom.

The Steering Committee would like to note that our partnership with Vision Ministries Canada, which we have held since the New Hope merger in 2008, will continue. This network, which I am also actively involved in, does not have requirements that would exclude either myself or Elevation based on our posture with respect to the intersection of same-sex attraction and Christian faith. That being said, we are also interested in researching other opportunities for organizational and/or denominational partnership in the future and will pick that conversation up at our 2019 Annual Meeting.

If the motion to disaffiliate is carried by a 2/3 majority vote of those members present, the Steering Committee will then put forward a motion to consider the adoption of two resolutions that would amend our By-Law No.1. In brief, the resolutions deal with the removal of references to the PAOC from our By-Laws and the amendment of some wording that would contradict our posture with respect to the intersection of same-sex attraction and Christian faith. These resolutions have been attached to this email as a separate file. [Those viewing on our website can view the PDF here.]

We would ask that you please maintain the confidentiality of this letter. While we are comfortable with its contents being shared within our Elevation community, we would request that they not be posted online or in any other public forum. A formal update will be provided to the congregation and made available on our website following the members’ meeting.

If you have any questions at this time, please either contact a member of the Steering Committee or bring them to the meeting on December 16.

With thanks,


on behalf of the Steering Committee