Pastoral Care Team


The Pastoral Care Team expands Elevation’s capacity to care well for its members by tapping into the various helping gifts already present in our congregation. It is comprised of about a dozen members of the community who have a desire to walk alongside and extend God’s comfort and direction to others (2 Cor. 1:3-4).  We’re acting as a non-professional source of practical help and support for members of our community undergoing life transitions, health challenges, grief, job stress, post partum challenges, etc.

Team Values and Priorities:

  • Listening → We are attentive to the needs in our community.
  • Availability → We value everyone who seeks support. No one gets lost.
  • Confidentiality → We respect privacy and build trust.
  • Practical Help → We provide non-professional care and help people find the support they need.
  • Prayer → We invite God into our care for one another.
  • Modeling → We aim to inspire contagious care.
  • Coordination → We work well together as a team and care for one another’s needs.

The Pastoral Care Team:

Back row: Mark Cowan, Ian Bott, Brandon Malo, Chad Bouma, Jindi Singh
Front row: Marion Myles, Helen Kroeker, Patricia Layng, Marian Wiens, Melissa Burke (Missing: Rachel Watson)

If you have a concern that you would like to discuss with someone from the team, or if you just need a listening ear, please contact Melissa Burke, and she will direct you to a suitable team member.  Please be assured that this team is committed to confidentiality.


We will be accumulating resources on an ongoing basis.  Hard copies of materials will be stored in the Library.

Visit this page for more information about the ways that our community is working towards mental and emotional health, as well as a list of community resources.