Stations of the Cross

(March 28 – April 2)


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Hello there, neighbours. Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are Elevation—a community of faith that gathers in the inspiring confines of 22 Willow, the picturesque church building that serves as a backdrop to this art installation.

This week is an important one for our community. But not only for us. Around the world, followers of Jesus refer to the week leading up to Easter Sunday as Holy WeekWhile people choose to walk through this sacred season in different ways, one spiritual practice that has become meaningful to us in recent years is known as The Stations of the Cross

Two thousand years ago, a Jewish rabbi named Jesus was arrested on trumped up charges, unjustly condemned, and ultimately sentenced to death by crucifixion. Using a series of images depicting the events leading up to his death, The Stations of the Cross invites us to join Jesus in what artist Scott Erickson—whose art we’ve displayed—refers to as “a meditation on the human condition.”

Some of the images you’ll come across are intentionally striking and unsettling. They’re meant to evoke a response. They’re out here in the open to draw us into the story of one man’s death for the sake of others. And like the one who was nailed to that Roman cross so many years ago, they are on public display for all to see.

Erickson writes, “I think our deepest question isn’t, ‘Is God real?’—I think our deepest question is, ‘Is God really in the midst of all of this?’ ”

So we invite you to ask that question as you ponder the images spaced out along the Spurline Trail. 

Is God here in this place?

Can we find God even in the midst of suffering, loss, and death? 

Is God still God even when a global pandemic has taken away so, so much?

Our hope is that through these images you will encounter the good news that lies at the heart of this heartbreaking story. That the words of Jesus will resonate with you in a profound way:

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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