Safe Families




Safe Families Canada is a movement of compassion involving collaboration between area churches, volunteers and community organizations in order to support at-risk children and parents in need. Safe Families is an opportunity for volunteers to have a powerful impact in the lives of others through practicing biblical hospitality and extending the love of Christ to people in need – all from their own home! Parents experiencing a temporary crisis can arrange for their children (newborn through 18 years old) to stay with Safe Families volunteers while they address the issues that led to the instability in their lives.




Elevation has become a Participating Church within the Safe Families organization, which means:

  1. Mentoring Safe Families
  2. Recruiting Host Families
  3. Hosting Regular Support Groups
  4. Development of Support Services
  5. Providing Resources
  6. Assisting in Child Placements
  7. Ministering to Placing Families

We are seeking other volunteers within Elevation, including Host Families, Family Friends, Family Coaches, and Family Resources. Below is a brief description of each volunteer role:

Host Family: Find out more here.

The families are volunteering to host children in their home for approximately 1 – 3 months while the placing parent(s) work through their crisis situation.

Family Friend: Find out more here.

A family friend works closely with the placing family through their crisis. They would meet with them and connect them with local resources so they can meet their goals and eventually be reunited with their child(ren).

Resource Friend: Find out more here.

Resource friends are a collection of resource rich individuals who have the ability to share their skills or material goods with families placing their children. These resource friends will be guided by our Family Friends, as they connect the families with the resources. The resource friend would also offer help to the host family with driving the child(ren) to and from school, or to/from other activities.

Family Coach:

A family coach works closely with the placing family as well as the host family and the placed child(ren) to ensure all is going well and to work towards reuniting the child(ren) with his or her family.

*training is provided for each volunteer role through Safe Families Canada and the KW Director.

A Safe Families team of volunteers, led by Julie Lebold and Laura Kingston, will offer support through regular meetings to discuss what is working well and what needs improvement as we figure out how best to serve our community through hospitality.

 Donate to Safe Families (KW) here.