At this time of year, we are preparing for a rotation of membership on our Steering Committee. The document below has been created to help you discover how you can lend your voice to the process:

Steering Committee Nomination Form

(Nominations must be submitted on or before December 3.)

For general information about the structure and governance of Elevation’s Steering Committee, please click here.

If you missed the announcement made on Sunday, November 19, it was announced that, in order to allow time and space to walk through a challenging situation in her extended family, Sue Winter will be taking a leave from the Steering Committee with plans to begin her second term in a year from now. Our love and prayers are with Art and Sue and their extended family, and we will welcome Sue back to the team when the time is right.

What is the SC?

The Steering Committee of Elevation is the senior leadership team in our church and is our legal Board of Directors.

What does the SC do?

The primary roles of the SC are:

● Serving “The Big Picture”
● Guarding the vision and values
● Empowering and facilitating others in ministry
● Supporting the Senior Pastor
● Being the final decision making body
● Being ultimately accountable and responsible

Some specific responsibilities that are held by the SC include financial management, staffing decisions, and the ratification and upholding of policies (including those pertaining to charity law and incorporation).

Who is currently on the SC?

A list of current members and corresponding photos can be found at the bottom of this page.

How often does the SC meet?

Currently, the SC meets for an evening once every second month, with occasional extra meetings added in based on need – typically a total of eight meetings per year. Meeting dates are not on a fixed schedule, but are chosen based on availability of team members.

What other time commitment is involved?

On occasion, SC discussions take place over email, and it is expected that team members contribute to the conversation. SC members are also asked to make it a priority to take part in leadership events (no more than once or twice per term) together with Staff and Ministry Team Leaders, and to participate in the life of the church as anyone else would.

In addition, each SC member is a liaison for a member of Elevation’s Staff or a Ministry Team Leader. This is a minimal time commitment and is primarily intended to aid the SC in learning about the various areas of Elevation’s ministry and to maintain open lines of communication.

How long is the commitment for?

A term on the SC lasts three years. At the end of a term, a SC member may let his or her name stand for a second term. At the end of a second consecutive term, at least one year must be taken off before being eligible to rejoin the SC.

How does the selection process work?

Details on how a new SC member is selected can be found here, under “Process for Appointing New Steering Committee Members.”

What kind of person would be a good fit for the SC?

We’re looking for an individual who demonstrates Christian discipleship as indicated by a commitment to spiritual growth and proven commitment to the church.

The kind of person who will serve well on the SC will:

● Have a passion to serve in this capacity
● Be able to think with the big picture in mind
● Be able to work well with a team of leaders, demonstrating respect
● Be trustworthy and will extend trust to the rest of the team
● Be approachable
● Have applicable life experience via employment and/or ministry
● Have connections relevant to areas of need
● Be 18 years of age or older

Since a member of the SC is required to be a formal member, what is the difference between being a ‘formal’ member and an ‘informal’ member?

A formal member of the church is someone who has signed and submitted the document, ‘My Commitment to Membership,’ and has had it approved by the SC. More information about what formal membership entails and how to proceed with an application can be found here.

An informal member of the church is anyone who has provided his or her contact information to our office and considers Elevation to be his or her community of faith. We understand that not everyone in our church is interested in or comfortable with becoming a formal member, and we are committed to continuing to allow everyone to have a voice in the decisions we make together, regardless of their membership status.