Just as God expressed His love by coming to live with us, we want to be a life-giving presence in our community and the wider world, living out Jesus’ values within our natural spheres of influence.

The Mission team is a group of people from Elevation who want to support local and global mission. Our mandate is to support mission initiatives of our people locally, nationally and internationally, and to connect the congregation with opportunities to learn, serve and give. We seek to inspire and empower active, generous involvement in the world around us. We encourage church members to get involved in existing service organizations and member initiatives, to share food and friendship with neighbours, and to explore Jesus’ life and message.

For more information or to get involved with the Mission team, please contact Melanie Martin.

See below to read about our four mission partners:  Bolivia Children Foundation, Faith Tech, Future of Africa, and Journey Team.

In addition to our mission partners, Elevation supports a broad range of local, national and international mission-related member initiatives.  These initiatives take the form of both short and long-term projects that our congregation is passionate about, including those related to refugees, children, homelessness, students, indigenous people, and sustainable development.

Most member initiatives are led by members of the Elevation community. In some cases, however, we support projects that members are involved in (for example volunteering with) or closely connected to through friends or family.

To apply for financial support for your initiative please download the form below:

Our 2020 member initiatives to date are as follows:

In 2020 our Mission Partners have also constructed an access road in Thailand, a bakery in Belize, and delivered Christmas Care packages to Seniors in the Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Our 2019 initiatives were as follows:

  • Craig and Leilani Bauman (Ethnos)
  • Embassy Humber
  • Gahu Project
  • Jeremy and Mary Horne (Adventure for Change)
  • Jindi and Rebecca (YWAM)
  • Melissa Mellick (InterVarsity)
  • SHOW
  • St. John’s Kitchen lunch
  • 5 Fun Days and Africa Camp