Same-sex Attraction and Christian Faith


We started off the month of February by diving into some issues that we don’t talk about a whole lot in church. First, we looked at how an excess of sexuality in our culture has warped the way we think about this gift of God, then we launched into a longer conversation about the intersection of same-sex attraction and Christian faith.

During the month of March, coinciding with the season of Lent, we will be creating midweek opportunities for our Elevation community to engage in a process of listening to and learning from others about the diverse ways we tend to think about this complex and often controversial theme.

Everyone who is interested in participating will need to formally register so we can plan accordingly for each event. Participants will also be required to read articles or view videos prior to attending, which will help create a common starting point for the dialogue we will be having on a given night. (We’re not talking about reading entire books here, but you must be prepared to spend some time on this!) Resources will be provided following registration, so even if you are unable to attend either session, or are not comfortable participating in this way, send us a note and we will gladly share the same resources and will invite you to listen and learn alongside us.

There will be two unique guided conversations that will take place in the Gym at 22 Willow, offered on the following dates:

Session 1a: Thursday, March 1 @ 7:30pm
Session 1b: Tuesday, March 6 @ 7:00pm

Session 2a: Thursday, March 15 @ 7:00pm
Session 2b: Tuesday, March 20 @ 7:00pm

You can register by using the links above, choosing one Session 1 event and one Session 2 event, or you can request the resources here if you are unable or choose not to participate in person.

The goal of this exercise is to raise our collective understanding of the various views that people in our Elevation community and in the broader Christian community have about the intersection of same-sex attraction and Christian faith. We believe that this learning process will help us have healthier conversations about this and related topics and grow in our appreciation of those who see things differently than we do.

During this season, our Steering Committee will be having parallel conversations, learning from both the materials used during the series and from the experiences of participants. We realize that questions around this theme have real implications for how we do life together as a church, so we will position ourselves to listen well to one another and to the Holy Spirit as we seek to honour God in our leadership of Elevation.

As we take these steps, our Staff and Steering Committee would invite you to pray along with us – that we would grow together in understanding, that we would be able to love each other well in the tension of not having all the answers, and that a deeper unity in Christ would be our reward!